How to have colorful saffron?

Until now, we always thought that saffron should be brewed with hot water to have the most color, but Iranian red gold has another method of brewing.

It is a completely different method, that is, with ice, which we will say is the best method in this section.

تهیه زعفران خوش رنگ

Instructions for brewing saffron with ice

The initial steps are just like brewing saffron with boiling water, which means that you must first grind and grind the saffron well.

Now you need a few ice cubes instead of hot water,

Pour small pieces of ice into the container in which you poured the saffron powder (the container should be glass).

یخ در زعفران

At this point you are done. Now let the ice melt at room temperature;

Exactly the same process that causes better and more complete coloring of saffron.

It is interesting to know that the experience of people who have used this method to brew saffron has proven that the method of brewing saffron with ice makes the brewed saffron brewed with the traditional method of boiling water both more fragrant and more colorful.

دم کردن زعفران با یخ

In addition, you can store this solution in a suitable and hygienic container in the freezer

And rest assured that its color will not change.

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