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زعفران والامقامزعفران والامقام
زعفران والامقام

Field of activity

Commercial transactions in the fields of buying, selling, exporting and importing agricultural products, especially saffron, barberry, candy, rice, Iranian tea, spices, fruit chips, etc.

Supply chain

Vozara product trading founder has a wide supply chain in all parts of Iran with up-to-date and ordering system JIT (JUST IN TIME).

The highest quality

Creating a basket of top quality products in order to maintain the principles of customer orientation in order to achieve the basic goals of vozara product trading founder.

Saffron plant specifications

Saffron or zarparan (saffron is the Arabic equivalent of the word zarparan),is a plant of the genus Zanbaghian, saffron genus has medicinal properties and food coloring. Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world.

Valamagham saffron in various packages


1 gram package (24-digit stand)


1-pound package (12-pack)


1 pound package


Semi-weight packing (12-pack)


Semi-weight packing

In addition to emphasize on qualified products and providing desirable goods, Vozara product trading founder considers the observance of all the principles and points of product packaging as one of the pillars of its mission to provide quality products to customers and meets the latest requirements of national standards. It packages and offers its products. For this purpose, it is proud to cooperate with one of the letter writers of the printing and packaging industry.

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