Application of saffron in different countries

Saffron is used in the famous dishes of some nations of the world and has many uses.

In fact, famous foods have gained their fame due to the use of saffron.

For example, some of the foods of the nations of the world that saffron is used in their preparation are as follows:

– Consumption of saffron in Iran

In a variety of pilaf, yolk, halva, broth, grilled chicken, fish and muscle food.

– Consumption of saffron in Spain

In Paella Valencia food, which includes pilaf, meat, seafood and vegetables.

It is also eaten in Zarzuela Fish Stews, which is steamed fish, and Fabada Austriana.

– Consumption of saffron in France

The French also know saffron well and use it in a variety of foods.

It is eaten in Bouilla Baisse, a spicy fish dish.

– Consumption of saffron in Italy

In Risotto Risotto, which is rice cooked in broth with saffron, and in Cornish Saffron Cake

Consumption of saffron in the UK

In the famous Corn Wall cake.

Consumption of saffron among Uzbeks

In Wedding Pilaf, wedding pilaf.

Consumption of saffron among Moroccans

In Tajine food which includes meatballs and tomatoes.

And Mqualli, chicken cooked in citrus fruits, and Mrouzia, which includes mutton covered with tomatoes and almonds.

Consumption of saffron among Indians

Saffron is eaten in Biryanis, which is a food consisting of rice and spicy vegetables, as well as in sweets made with milk and in yogurt.

– Saffron in the Arabs

The Arabs prepare various foods from saffron as well as special tea.

Arabic coffee must contain saffron and cardamom.

The Indians also have a food called brioni, in which saffron is commonly used.

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